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Two Juniors in Home Stretch of the Truman Scholarship

by: Evan King ‘13 Staff Writer
PUBLISHED: 9 March 2012 No Comment

Hampden- Sydney juniors, Christian Herbert-Pryor and Ryan Carter recently received word from the Truman Scholarship program about being chosen as finalists for the scholarship. The Truman scholarship is aimed towards college juniors who plan on attending graduate school for careers in government, non-profit, public service or education. From 272 colleges, 587 applications were received by the foundation. The candidates were then narrowed down to 191, after passing through the Finalist Selection Committee. Carter and Herbert-Pryor were chosen by the committee as part of that prestigious group of 191, but the road ahead still calls for a lot of hard work for the duo. Both of these H-SC men will soon have to appear in front of a rigorous Regional Review Panel. Carter will appear in front of the panel in his home state of Virginia, and Herbert-Pryor will travel to Fort Worth, Texas.
Though the application process was challenging for both candidates, the help of many Hampden-Sydney professors (Dr. Frye, Dr. Robbins, and Dr. Bagby to name a few) made the process much more manageable for the two. The application consisted of, “a series of questions geared towards getting to know us, learning our story, and understanding how our story provides a career trajectory and how we plan to live life,” said Herbert-Pryor.
“It’s definitely been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” said Carter with a tone of accomplishment. Carter knows he will have to impress the panel in order to win the scholarship. With the scholarship, Carter hopes to attend graduate school at Harvard where he plans to acquire his masters in both Public Service and Business Administration.
In preparation for the panel, “The best way to prepare is to prepare for everything,” says Herbert-Pryor. The candidates could be quizzed on anything from their stance on public policy to knowledge of President Truman’s own time in office. Win or lose, Herbert- Pryor will strive to become a change agent in the future and, “influence my community and ignite a fire into the younger generation to be more driven, focused, and concerned with education,” he comments.
In a country where education and public service is constantly under the microscope, the H-SC community can take great solace in sending out these two gentlemen into such a field. The Tiger community will extends our congratulations to these students in their success and wishes them good luck in their future efforts.

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