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Chi Phi Colony Continues to Push Forward

by: Parker Dunaway ‘15, Staff Writer
PUBLISHED: 9 March 2012 No Comment

Recently, a group of students formed the Chi Phi colony on campus. The process of a group of interested members forming a colony, and later a chapter, for a fraternity involves many different parties that all have a role in the progression. This information comes from David Klein, Dean of Students at Hampden-Sydney College. Klein goes on to say that the colony has been given recognition on the national level, but has yet to be recognized by the school because the Interfraternity Council has not voted on the matter as of now. Dean Klein also went on to say that recently the Chi Phi colony was associated with an act or acts that involve “…some activities that are not permitted by the college, nor are they permitted by the national office.”
The Dean said that, “The colony extended bids to some new prospective members, and in doing so got a little ahead of themselves.” The aforementioned activities that were not permitted were a result of the mistake of their giving bids, said Dean Klein. The specifics of the incident have not yet been released because final decisions have not been made, but Will Correll ’13, Alpha of the Chi Phi colony, said about the matter: “We did misunderstand the bid process, which was one of the original problems; however, other issues came to light with the school that we are dealing with.”
As a result, actions are being taken and decisions are being made by all parties. Dean Klein said that the college has communicated to the colony that there is to be no pledge activities or organizational functions until this is resolved. Dean Klein also mentioned an investigation that is being undertaken by Officer Thomas J. Travis, who is one of the campus security officers.
The national office is also going to be making some decisions of its own.  According to Correll, the national board will meet on March 10th outside of Atlanta, and the Hampden-Sydney Chi Phi colony will probably have representation there. Correll assures that the national meeting is a prescheduled, timely meeting, not one that has been especially called for this matter. They will discuss the issues and come to a resolution. Dean Klein asserted that the college and the national offices of various fraternities usually follow and agree on a similar path of action.
Correll said that the colony has twenty-seven members and strong support from Chi Phi alumni who have been involved in the establishment of the colony thus far. Dean Klein is hopeful that things will end up well for the colony: “We are optimistic about the future and look forward to being able to work through these issues with the school and learn from our mistakes and move on and be a well respected entity on this campus.” The nature of the consequences for the Chi Phi colony remain to be seen and will remain hidden until after the March 10th meeting.

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