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Proposed Policy For Drug Violations:

PUBLISHED: 26 February 2012 One Comment

The following policy proposal is a draft. It attempts to articulate a procedure to be followed anytime a student is found to be in possession of, using, or distributing drugs. Such charge could come from a Campus and Security Police report, referral from residence life staff, College personnel, or outside law enforcement.

Any student charged with possession, use, or distribution of drugs will be given twenty four hours from the incident to submit a written explanation of the incident (a defense of his actions) to the Dean of Students. This written statement is entirely optional for the accused. The Student Court and the Dean of Students will convene as soon as is possible to review the incident report and the written statement from the accused. The accused shall not be present for this review.  The Court will convene to consider the charges with the written report from the accused or without it (meaning the process cannot be circumvented or delayed by a lack of cooperation on the part of the accused). Imposition of sanctions outlined below will be determined by a simple majority vote of the Student Court members present. Five members of the Court prior to the election of freshmen members and seven members after the election of freshman members shall constitute a quorum. The Student Court and Dean of Students retain the discretion to alter these responses based on mitigating context and circumstance, such as an instance of a self-referral. Except when mitigated by circumstance or context, violations receive the sanctions outlined below.

A.    First offense possession of marijuana: Evaluation and recommendations by College’s Substance Educator and random drug testing at student’s expense up to one year from incident.
B.    Second offense possession of marijuana or failure of random test: Intensive intervention by Wellness Center staff, possible referral to external therapies, and monthly drug testing at student’s expense for a year from the incident.
C.    Third offense possession of marijuana or positive test result: Suspension for that current semester and subsequent semester. Should the accused be readmitted to the College after suspension, random drug testing at the student’s expense for remainder of the student’s career at HSC.
D.    Fourth offense possession of marijuana or positive test result: Expulsion from the College.
E.    First offense for any other drug possessed or used illegally: Suspension for the current and subsequent semester and random drug testing at the student’s expense, should the student be accepted to return to HSC, for the remainder of his career at HSC.
F.    Second offense for any other drug used illegally: Expulsion from the College.
G.    Distribution of any drug: Expulsion from the College.

Note: Random testing generally means no more than once per month unless there is reason to believe more frequent is warranted based upon behavior of the student or evidence suggesting drug use.

February 2012


A student protest was sparked as the story became public.

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