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Should H-SC go Trayless?

PUBLISHED: 14 February 2010 2 Comments

Should H-SC go Trayless?

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  • Adam Jay Doolittle '10 said:

    An interesting read on the New York Times blog section: What Happens When College Cafeterias Go Trayless?


    It shows you who is really benefiting from the “trayless” debate.

  • Brantley Kirkland '11 said:

    I apologize, but who is really benefiting from the “trayless” debate (according to your article)? Your tail-end implication and the article itself don’t really match up too well (not at all, in fact).

    If students didn’t believe that they had something to gain, they would not have proposed it. The fact is that the idea didn’t come about to save Aramark money. If you’re too ill-informed to know that this is a student campaign, stay out of it. But please, stop throwing your suggestive nonsense at everyone else.