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Kaleidoscope Revived by Going Digital

by: Eddie Krohn ‘11
PUBLISHED: 3 December 2009 No Comment

Despite yearbook’s checkered past, Senior Brett Chonko takes on the challenge

Brett Chonko, a senior English Major, has been named the Editor of the Kaleidoscope, which has experienced a series of unfortunate productions in the past and was very close to being abolished altogether. “The quality of the kaleidoscope and reciprocally the interest that students have shown in it has been declining in recent years. A few yearbooks have even yet to be completed. As a result, the Student Senate faced the decision this year to either disband the yearbook entirely or cut its budget in half, which is the compromise they reached,” said Chonko. “For the sake of the tradition it is necessary to put out a good quality production this year.”

Changing to the digital form saddens yearbook traditionalists, but excites those that see potential in what the Kaleidoscope is trying to accomplish. When I asked Chonko to outline his goals as editor for the Kaleidoscope, he stated his ambitions and reasons for the changes: “The budget cut has made it necessary to move to a digital yearbook that is less expensive than a large printed yearbook. Not to worry, we will still publish a small hard copy, but just for the graduating class. On one hand, moving to the digital form is to settle for a cheaper option, but it also presents the opportunity to produce an exciting, new style of yearbook. It will be dominated by video and voice narration instead of copy and still photos, which I hope will be infinitely more engaging than a printed yearbook. Hopefully, the new media capabilities will garner more interest and satisfaction from students.” With the student populace, many people pay a lot more attention to video than pictures and text formats. As a result, Chonko is taking this opportunity to engage everyone’s attention by using a hyped-up version, which is highly appropriate for the twenty-first century.

Music in the background as well as video simultaneously playing will give the students a sense of involvement. Chonko anticipates the fact there will be live footage from football games, as well as other events that take place here on campus. This change is also great as there will be more room to include what is generally a part of the two-hundred plus pages. These memories will be more realistic and help current students to remember events more vividly than having still photos and trying to contemplate what is taking place. That being said, Chonko is looking for staff members to take the initiative to record these events. He requests that anyone interested contact chonkob@hsc.edu. Video editing experience will be important.

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